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StatsToDo : Discriminant Analysis (Use Coefficients on New Data) Program

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Program References
Overall Means and Standard Deviations.
Each row a variable
Two columns : Col1= mean, col2=SD

Standardized Canonical Discriminant Coefficients.
Each row a variable
Each Column a Discriminant function
Each cell the coefficient for the variable to the function.

Group Centroids
Each row a group
Each column a function score
Each cell the centroid value for the function to the group.

Array of of A Priori Probabilities
Single Row of relative frequencies or probabilities for each group
Number of columns = number of groups

Array of Costs Coefficients
Single row of relative cost or loss for each group if erroneously not assigned.
Number of columns = number of groups

Values to be used to calculate functions
Each row a case
Each columns a variable
Each cell value if the variable in the case.