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StatsToDo : Quality Statistics - Introduction and Explanation

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Introduction Bench Mark Compliance Detecting drifts Significant Departures
Quality control and its statistics are huge subjects, and pages on this site cannot hope to cover but a tiny part of it that are more frequently used in health care.

Quality control itself encompasses many activities. In planning, this involves ensuring the resources and structure of organisations, setting up of proper policies and protocols, establish lines of management control, provision of training, selection of staff, and so on. In management, there are the detection of unexpected events and its subsequent analysis, the review of outcomes, and the cultivation of attitudes and culture.

Statistics in quality control consists of statistical tools that can be used to support these activities.

StatsToDo provides 4 sets of statistical tools that can be used in quality control.

  • How to establish bench marks
  • How to measure conformity to the bench mark
  • How to detect a drift away from the bench mark
  • How to determine a statistically significant departure from the bench mark.