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This is the contact page for users to send a text message to StatsToDo. The message will be viewed when StatsToDo next maintains the site.

The message can be requests for clarification, feedback and suggestions, requests for help, or any other communication providing it is in text. Users however should note the disclaimer of the page, and treat any content provided by StatsToDo as an informal and non-obligatory conversation, without implying any binding arrangements with the user.

Please type in the message in the text area. If you require a reply, please provide your email address, double checking that the email address provided is correct.

Please Note: Institutions, particularly universities, have imposed increasingly strict security measures on their servers, and automatically filtered out suspect emails. To ensure that a reply from StatsToDo can reach you, please check and make sure that the email address you provide is not congfigured to reject emails from an unknown source (to be secure you can send suspect emails to the spam folder instead of blocking it ouright).


Contents and advice are provided according to current knowledge and effort of the authors, and there is no assurance that any information provided is accurate, no assurance that any advice offered is correct, and no assurance that any documents or programs offered are free from omissions or errors. The author and all those associated will not accept any liability for any content or advice provided.

Please Note: This contact page is intended for information related to contents of StatsToDo and technical discussions related to data analysis. Contact messages inconsistent with this intent will be blocked, or automatically deleted and not responded to

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